Historically rich,
and proud of it.

About 10 kilometres from Melbourne’s city centre, Ivanhoe is a suburb where history is still very much alive. The land Ivanhoe occupies was first surveyed in 1837, quickly recognised as naturally rich with great landscape appeal and endless opportunities. Much of this is thanks to the Darebin Creek, which lies in the suburb’s west, and the Yarra River found towards the south of Ivanhoe.

The area was appropriately named after Sir William Scott’s novel ‘Ivanhoe’ in 1853, a tale of romance and chivalry. Soon-after its naming, Ivanhoe made a name for itself as one of Melbourne’s most prestigious suburbs.

One of Victoria’s oldest state schools, Ivanhoe Primary School, was first established in the Anglican church, then followed by the opening of two hotels, several public gardens, a racecourse, as well as numerous orchards and farms.

Founded in 1924, the Airlie Maternity Hospital developed an impressive midwifery reputation, drawing people not only from all corners of Melbourne, but interstate, too. Airlie Residences are named after the hospital and will occupy the site where the hospital once stood.

  1. Ivanhoe Grammar School
  2. Ivanhoe Town Hall
  3. Airlie Maternity Hospital